Referral program

Want to earn some money? Become a referrer for Autocompletr. You get €1 for every day a keyword is live.

Become a referrer today!

    How does it work? What can I earn?

    After you filled in the form on this page, you will get an email with a referral link. Share this link how you like with your potential customers. If these prospects click on the link, a cookie will be stored in their browser for 7 days. If the prospect claims a keyword in that timeframe, you will officially be the referrer. You will see the claimed/purchased keyword in your dashboard (see screenshot below). 

    What can I earn?

    If you have 50 customers, each with 2 keywords. If those keywords are all live 30 days in a month you will earn €3000 per month. (50 customers * 2 keywords per customer * €1 per day * 30 days = €3000 for each month).

    For what time to I get a fee? Is it really for a lifetime?

    There is no end date. If you are the referrer of a keyword you will always stay the referrer as long as that customer and the keywords are active. So it is really for a lifetime. 

    No cure, No pay - Also with referral fees​​

    A customer from Autocompletr does not have to pay a fee if the keyword is not yet live / active in the autocomplete suggestions. This principle we also use for referrals. 

    If a keyword is live in the autocomplete function of the choosen platform, you will get a referral fee for it. If a keyword is referred by you, but if it is not (yet) live in the autocomplete feature, there is no referral fee (yet). 

    When do I get paid?

    We first want to make sure the transaction from your customer(s) are being successfully processed. We are getting this confirmation after 16 days. At day 20 of the next month you will get paid your referrer fee. This will only be the fee from keywords that were live and from customers that did successfully paid their bill. 

    How can I keep track of the status of my referrer keywods?

    You will get a dashboard with an overview of all your referrer customers and keywords. Just like the dashboard for your own keywords (if you have these). See screenshot below.

    Wat is de opzegtermijn?

    Voor keyword suggesties is er geen opzeg termijn. Dit betekent dat een keyword suggestie dagelijks opgezegd kan worden.

    Voor Google geldt een opzegtermijn van 30 dagen. Staat je keyword 20 dagen live in de opzegtermijn van 30 dagen, dan betaal je enkel nog voor de 20 dagen dat je keyword suggestie live heeft gestaan.

    Wat zijn de kosten?

    De kosten worden gebaseerd op het maandelijks zoekvolume. Er staat een dagtarief tegenover. Staat je keyword suggestie live, dan betaal je maandelijks achteraf voor die dag. 

    Via onze Search and Claim tool kun je direct de kosten vinden voor jouw gewenst keyword. Vul het platform, het land, de taal, je keyword en je merknaam in en klik vervolgens op Search. De prijzen worden getoond. Je kunt daar ook direct je gewenste keyword(s) claimen.


    Your client will be able to see the performance of there keywords in our easy to use dashboard.

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    Want to know more?

    Schedule a call with John

    In a 30 min call, John will tell you all about the referrer service. Let him know about your ambitions, website, brandname, KPI's and important keywords. And he will give you the right strategy of Search Box opitmisation / Autocomplete optimistatons.

    Advantages of Autocompletr

    • Be visible, even before the searches is being done.
    • Be recommended by Search engines themselves.
    • We will never use keywords twice. I you claim it, your competitors can not. 
    • Always have insights into the position of your keywords through our dashboarding tool.
    • Anonymity because we will never disclose who purchased our keywords.
    • We will only charge you when you are visible in the autocomplete.
      If you were visible 20 out of 30 days, we will only charge 2/3 of the monthly fee. (No cure, No pay)
    • We are a Dutch company operating worldwide.
    • Payment possible with both Ideal and Credit Card.