Your brand in the searchbox after keyword phrases? It is possible now on a No-cure, No-pay basis. Check out the possibilities in an introduction call.

Let Bol suggest your brand

While the customer is typing your keyword, the platfom will suggest your brand or company name

Increase Brand visibility

Make your brand more visible with your most important and high volume keywords.

Before the search results

Even before a customer search for their desired product, your brandname will be visible.

Keep track of Search Box Optimization for

In our dashboard you can keep track of the activenes of the autocomplete suggestion of your brandname (you only pay when the suggestion is active). In Bol dashboaring you can keep track of your success with the autocomplete suggestions including your brandname.

Still not convinced about SBO?

Schedule a call with John

In a 30 min call, John will tell you all about the service. Let him know about your website, brandname, KPI's and important keywords. And he will give you the right strategy of Search Box opitmisation / Autocomplete optimistatons.

Advantages of Autocompletr

  • Be visible, even before the searches is being done.
  • Be recommended by Search engines themselves.
  • We will never use keywords twice. I you claim it, your competitors can not. 
  • Always have insights into the position of your keywords through our dashboarding tool.
  • Anonymity because we will never disclose who purchased our keywords.
  • We will only charge you when you are visible in the autocomplete.
    If you were visible 20 out of 30 days, we will only charge 2/3 of the monthly fee. (No cure, No pay)
  • We are a Dutch company operating worldwide.
  • Payment possible with both Ideal and Credit Card.


We offer a dashboard which keep track of your suggestions on a daily basis. If the suggestion is not visible in a day, you wont be charged for those days.

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